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About UsWelcome to Hi, I am Louise Campbell-Anthony, the Publisher.

About Me

This was my goal for myself when I designed’s website.

…to achieve financial independence and retire in 7 years by creating and following a plan to generate passive income streams…safely and strategically, and

…to build multiple passive income streams and unlimited income.

If this is the goal you have for yourself, subscribe to our Passive Income Development Lab to explore ideas, opportunities and resources to design your own path to gain your financial freedom and be free of financial stress once and for all.

Let me ask you some questions:

1. Are you experiencing some level of financial stress right now?

2. Have you thrown your money at a get rich quick scheme in desperation to solve your money problems?

3. Do you dream of what your life would be like if you were rich?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I created this blog for you to get a permanent solution to end your financial worries.

The key focus here at Off The Klock is to create passive income strategies and generate passive income streams that provides you the freedom to pursue your passions, … and if you are not too old yet, to show you how to earn enough money passively to retire early.


This blog was created to encourage the average 9 to 5 employee and entrepreneur to think of ways outside of the box- (that is, outside of the clock) – to make income.

You may fall into one or more of the following circumstances:

  1. You struggle with having limited time and/or money resources and seek an escape route to free yourself.
  2. You have no retirement income.
  3. You have a retirement income accumulating but you have to wait until the age of 55 (early retirement) or 67 (late retirement) to get access to it.
  4. You would prefer to retire early while healthy.

This blog explores proven avenues to generate passive income streams, designs innovative ways to turn people’s passions and ideas into a passive income stream for them, and makes recommendations to our Subscribers of the ones we think are worthwhile pursuing. Subscribe today to begin exploring ideas to generate the level of income that will buy you your freedom to pursue  your passions.


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Off The Klock  provides you alternatives to the often dreaded means of “making a living,”  whether it be an actual J-O-B or a business that works you like a J-O-B does.


I aim to inspire change in the average person’s way of thinking about “making a living” from working for money to instead making money work for you.

Don’t be part of these statistics:

  • Poorer AMericans die younger because they can’t pay for medical emergencies and their quality of life is significant lower than their richer counterparts.
  • Americans need $1 million dollars in retirement savings to generate $40,000 per year in retirement income.

So I invite you to become a part of  the 9-to-5 Revolution going on here at Subscribe to our blog and start “Your Revolution” today.

What does offer You? is an educational platform that delivers content in a myriad of ways to be able to both cater to all learning styles while being interesting yet entertaining at the same time.

You can explore our content and connect with fellow visitors who are also designing a custom permanent solution with the very same content to their financial plight:

You will find content presented here in audio, video, infographics, digital and printed formats. You can see that I have provided plenty of diversity in the way that I communicate with you. I did this so that I could cater to your learning style whichever ones you have. For that reason, we will be able to connect on a personal level and develop solutions together to elevate our financial status.

I invite you to join me in my journey to passive income for this is my chosen permanent solution to my financial roller coaster ride. Subscribe today to to start your own personal journey now.

About Me



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