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Off The KlockTM welcomes and invites advertisers. If you are interested in advertising with us, please email us at Put “Advertise With You” in the subject line. In the body of the email, request a price list. Also, we offer two payment options in the form of a barter/exchange or a cash (including check, money order or credit/debit card) payment. For example, you may want to exchange your monthly banner advertisement costs for an equal exchange of placing an advertisement for us on your website or printed material. Please specify in the body of your email if you would like to barter/exchange or pay in cash.

For LOCAL business owners/entrepreneurs and newly established online website owners we offer special options below.

We offer TWO advertising options as follows:

1. Article Advertisement – (recommended for entrepreneurs)

Article content must include:

  • Description of product and/or service and its benefits
  • Background and expertise of entrepreneur
  • Website link, if any
  • Core content of your chosen subject matter
  • Maximum 1500 words
  • An image or graphic at least 500×300 pix

Placement of Article Ads Options

  • Gets posted on our website under “Financial Freedom” menu tab permanently
  • Gets featured in our eMagazine for one month
  • Gets entered into our PI Development Lab Contests

2. Banner Advertisement – (recommended for companies)

Placement of Banner Ads Options

  • Banner to be displayed in our monthly eMagazine to our VIP subscribers
  • Banner to be displayed on homepage of website only
  • Banner to be displayed on post pages of website only
  • Banner to be displayed on both homepage and post pages of website
  • Banner to be displayed in our monthly eMagazine to our VIP subscribers, on both home page and post pages of website

Running Time for Banner Ads

You may purchase or barter an advertisement for these running times:

  • for 1 month
  • for 3 months
  • for 6 months
  • for 12 months

Banner Ad Sizes

You may purchase these sizes on the website:

  • 300×250
  • 300×600
  • 160×600
  • 120×240
  • 728×90

For advertisements to be placed in our monthly eMagazine you may purchase or barter these sizes:

  • business card size
  • ¼ page
  • ½ page horizontal or vertical
  • full-page

All advertisements are first subject to approval before acceptance for placement. All content of the advertisement and its linked website must meet approval.

Example Email Copy ———————————————————————-


Subject: Advertise With You


Please email me a current price list for your advertisement packages for  – (identify which options you are interested in).

I would like to pay in cash or (stipulate if you would like to barter in equal exchange.)

Thank you,

Contact Name

Contact Email address


Once you are ready to submit an article or banner ad to be advertised with us, submit an email with the article or banner ad attached for our approval. Identify your placement option of choice, the running time and the size that you would like to purchase or barter.

We will reply with an approved or rejected determination of your ad, the fee to place the ad and the expected placement dates we have available. Payment must be made before advertisement is placed.

Additional terms and conditions that may be required will be finalized following these preliminary negotiations.

Special Options for LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS/ENTREPRENEURS and newly established website owners ONLY:

If you are wanting to develop a website for your local business or if you have just set up your website yourself and you need some website development assistance, we have a special option for you. In exchange for becoming our partner and dedicating a portion of your website to our cause for economic freedom, we will design your website for you or further develop it according to your specifications. The cost of the terms of this barter/exchange is open to negotiations but will be done on a barter basis only. No cash purchases accepted. Yes that’s right. We don’t want your money. We want your partnership.

If you are interested in website development assistance and becoming our partner, please send us an email:

Example Email Copy ———————————————————————-


Subject: Partner With You On A Barter Basis


I need some website development assistance. I want a new website designed (or I have a website at enter website url). You may contact me at: (enter the best number(s) and time of day to contact you.)

Thank you,

Contact Name

Contact Email address


We will contact you within 72 hours to open negotiations per your request.

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