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Best Passive Income Strategy To Financial Independence

best passive income strategyThe best passive income strategy to achieve financial independence should contain elements that secure your financial independence for generations to come. follows a smart and safe passive income strategy that delivers. This makes our strategy one of the best. Our passive income strategy is broken down into six stages that extends through what we call the four phases to your earning power.

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Six Stages In Our Best Passive Income Strategy

Stage 1: Get a job or start a business

Stage 2: Do what’s necessary to get promoted or to promote yourself to a higher pay level a business

Stage 3: Invest in coaching, mentoring and training from entrepreneurs who are where you want to be financially

Stage 4: Look for opportunities and/or create ways to increase your earning power and act on inspiration!

Stage 5: Study the personal finance strategies and vehicles that the big boys use to build their financial empires and act!

Stage 6: Design a blueprint based on what you have learned thus far to best leverage your time and money to earn solid, secure passive income forever and act!

The 4 Phases To Our Best Passive Income Strategy

What makes this the best passive income strategy is that the efforts you make are focused systematically and intentionally to progress through the 4 Phases to your earning power. By strategically instituting the necessary steps to increase your income, you will inevitably achieve the desired level of financial independence towards which you aspire.

These are the four phases to your earning power that are the essential elements making this the best passive income strategy.

Phase 1: Steady, Full-Time Income Flow

Phase 2: Middle Income Bracket

Phase 3: Passive Income Independence

Phase 4: Secure Financial Estate

The primary objective of this passive income strategy is for you to consistently focus your energy and efforts toward the ultimate goal of establishing a viable passive income stream. As you make passive income your target goal, you will need to identify the types of resources that are needed to guide you in that direction. Resist the notion that you will get rich quick pursuing passive income, because you won’t. It will take time as you navigate your way toward establishing your very first passive income stream.

Passive Income Business Model

As I began formulating this strategy and outlining these elements, I developed a plan for myself to achieve financial independence. I put myself on a 7 year fast-track because I don’t have 40 years. The model that I’m following is called a “passive income business system.” That’s the term I coined for it.

This is what I’m doing.

I’m creating a system that feeds itself. I’m earning active income from jobs and entrepreneurial ventures to pay my bills. At the same time, I’m downgrading my lifestyle expenses so I can free up more of my active income. As more active income is freed up, I reinvest it into my passive income business system ventures. As opportunities present themselves, I upgrade to a job that pays more, downgrade more of my lifestyle where I can and convert my “discretionary” active income into passive income earnings. And I’m repeating this cycle.

Read more of the details of how I have put this business system together in get my ebook: How to Relieve Financial Stress.

Most of my effort and initial business expenses have been spent on “learning and testing” online business models that claims to generate passive income streams. But it has paid off. I have tapped into a most lucrative venture beyond what I had imagined possible. I’m in year 4 at the time of this post and I will update my readers as time goes moves on.

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