Sources Of Smart Passive Income

Off The Klock blog highlights the most conventional sources of smart passive income.

5 Must-Haves For Building IRA Early Retirement Income

retirement income

To build enough retirement income to become financially independent requires focused effort and an investing strategy. As it’s often stated, “There are many roads that ...

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Royalty Income Set Up To Be Secure Source Of Passive Income


Earning royalty income has been a common source of passive income for centuries. Royalties are payments made by a licensee (user) to the licensor (creator/owner) ...

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Easiest Real Estate Passive Income Is Seller Financed Real Estate Notes

Real Estate Passive Income

One of the easiest to maintain sources of real estate passive income is seller financed real estate notes. Knowledgeable professionals have long recognized that there ...

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Passive Investment Income Requires Investing Strategy To Minimize Loss

investing strategy

To establish a viable passive income source with investment income, you need to develop investing strategy. To build investment income the smart way, it will ...

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To Make Money Online With Membership Sites Takes Pain-Staking Effort (Pt. 3)

Make money online

Membership sites are a popular option sought after to make money online.  They are also called continuity sites. The ultimate goal for a membership site ...

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Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing Takes Pain-Staking Effort (Pt. 2)

making money online

When the internet millionaires began making money online, many of them started with affiliate marketing. The name of the game was online marketing. At the ...

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Passive Income Online With Blogging Takes Pain-Staking Effort (Pt. 1)

online passive income

One of the most popular options pursued to generate passive income online is blogging. Reality sets in once you start blogging and you begin to ...

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Online Passive Income Options Take Pain-Staking Effort To Start

Making online passive income takes pain-staking effort to get it started.  I don’t want to scare you away from wanting to build passive income online. ...

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