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Making Passive Income Can Relieve Financial Stress Forever

make smart passive income planThe debilitating condition of financial stress is what was created to offer a cure for.

What is the cure?

…Making passive income and becoming financially independent the smart way.


Statistics show that most people will spend 40 years of their life working hard to make a living, but will die broke and broken down physically.

So we created a Passive Income Development Lab here at as a resource to those who want to design their own passive income path to get off the clock….safely… and make a plan to retire early while healthy.

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Over half of the world’s population is suffering from financial stress. Financial stress comes in many forms and it is a chronic condition that is hard to shake.

What is financial stress?

Financial stress is the condition of experiencing the lack of financial resources to purchase the goods and services that will eliminate a material need or psychological want that you have.

For example, if you need to pay for an operation for your child and don’t have the money to pay for it outright or for the insurance that covers it, then you are experiencing financial stress.

This is an example of a material need. Here is an example of a psychological want. You may want to take a tour around the world before you die, but you don’t have the money for that expense.  This qualifies as  financial stress as well.

Most people don’t even know that they are experiencing financial stress because for them not having enough money to cover their needs and wants have simply been a fact of life for generations. They have learned to adapt or settle with what little they have.


Because this is how they have decided to manage their financial stress to get through life.

What are the symptoms of financial stress?

Have you ever or do you now experience any one or more of these symptoms?

  1. Receive Public Assistance
  2. Have children
  3. Experience On-the-Job (or business) stress
  4. Plan to or already is financing a College Education for yourself or your children
  5. Have or will receive $0 in inheritance from your parents
  6. Plan to or already have retired on a 401(K) or IRA Retirement Savings plan
  7. Receive Unemployment Income
  8. Receive Social Security Income
  9. Face Unexpected financial crisis like foreclosure, bankruptcy, death of a bread winner, or high medical costs due to chronic illnesses
  10. Have a disability or have  a child or spouse with a disability
  11. Depend solely on a household income to live OR your household income is below $150,000 per year
  12. Chronic physical pain due to stressful experiences related to any of the above 11 situations


relieve financial stress

How do you treat this chronic condition of financial stress?

The best way to treat this chronic condition called financial stress is to increase your earning power. Earning power refers to the degree to which you are capable of generating income. Your ability to harness your power to earn unlimited and secure income directly relates to the level of financial stress you will experience in life.

Get the specific details about treating financial stress here…

Is there a cure for financial stress?

YES! It is a little-known fact to the average person that there is indeed a cure for financial stress. The best way to relieve your financial stress forever is to start making passive income and multiple streams of it. Passive income is revenue you earn even when you aren’t actively working.

How does making passive income cure financial stress?

The inherent nature of making passive income contains these elements that guarantee your financial stress will be cured.

  1. Passive income has the ability to accumulate interest or increase in value over time; thereby, increasing the value of your income account over the years without you having to put in more work.
  2. Passive income is low maintenance so multiple streams of passive income can be established without you having to work hard to keep the income flowing.
  3. Passive income vehicles and strategies are available that provide high security against loss of income making them perpetual passive income streams for generations to come.
  4. For whatever reason you stop working or cannot physically work, passive income continues.

Eliminating financial stress from your life once and for all is not a one-time event. It is a journey. The resources for that journey is what you have available here at

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