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Paul Hutchings, Freedom Crusader – Complimentary Expert Interview

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Presenting “Complimentary”’s Expert Interview

Featured expert, Paul Hutchings

Topic – “The Winding, Bumpy, Beaten Path to Wealth at Last”

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paul hutchingsBlackfoot, Idaho – Paul Hutchings is our featured expert in the PI Development Lab. He is a successful entrepreneur and business builder in the network marketing industry, a loving husband to Corene, his wife, family man of 4 and freedom crusader. Paul gives us insights on the topic – “The Winding, Bumpy, Beaten Path to Wealth at Last.”

This interview with Paul gave me an increased level of clarity about several wealth concepts that no one has ever explained to me as uniquely profound and as clearly as Paul did.

Here is the first wealth concept that he broke down so profoundly clear during our interview. I asked him, “Some people only define wealth in terms of dollar signs. How do you define ‘wealth?’”

That is such a great question, Louise…such a great question. And just that question alone shows that you know… you really have some great insights on life and I wanna commend you for that. …You can define wealth in a lot of different ways. I would define wealth as a conscious awareness of all of the great opportunities that are always before us. … Yeah, I think that’s how I would define it because… Obviously money is a part of it, a big part of it. Financial freedom is a big part of it, but I’m a big believer that wealth begins in the mind. It does begin in the mind. The inner world creates the outer world. I believe wealth starts with a conscious awareness of all the good that is around us right now despite what’s in our bank account.

Paul did more than simply define wealth.  He defined the seed of a wealth consciousness.

In other words, Paul is saying that wealth is not defined by the value of the things you possess but by the expanse of the wealth consciousness that grows as you fuel it daily by seizing opportunity. That’s profound.

Now as we all know, few people really purpose to travel this winding, bumpy beaten path to wealth at last as our topic describes it.  Some people who do achieve it claim to be self-made.  When I hear this term “self-made” millionaire, I’m not sure if I agree with it or not because in reality only that one person actually achieved it, not anyone else, but others helped him get there. Again, Paul’s response to this second wealth concept was explained with great clarity.


So I asked Paul, in your opinion, is there such a thing as a “self-made millionaire?”


The answer to that question is Yes and No. The reason why it’s “NO” I’ll start with that. There reason I don’t think that there is a term as a “self-made millionaire” is that as far as I know, in order to make money that requires the money coming from other people. So you can’t like say I have a million dollars in my left pocket. I’m gonna to pull it out and put it in my right pocket. It takes cooperation. It takes working with people. But then on the “Yes” side, I would say that the decision to become wealth always start in the mind of one person. And the decision to persist…continue along the road…you know that you’ve chosen to follow, also does come from the mind of one person and only you…only I can make that decision. So in that sense, I do believe there is such a thing as a self-made millionaire.

That’s it. Excellently put.

The distinction that Paul makes in defining the term “self-made millionaire” is very accurate and I can agree with that.

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Here is a third wealth concept that I want to highlight from this interview Paul handled so insightfully again.


Would you agree with those people who say, “ It takes money to make money.”


No. What I would say is that it takes resources to make money. And money is one form of resource. Yes.. so that can definitely be helpful but there are other forms of resources. Your time. Your effort. Your  ideas. Your imagination. All of those are forms of resources and those are resources we have to use and we start with no money.

Paul brought into perfect clarity that money is not the starting point at which money is made. Money cannot create itself. Money is the resulting product out of the conversion of ideas, effort, time, energy, and imagination into the valuable physical assets that people are willing to give you money to acquire.

Again, it makes perfect sense.

I’m glad I asked the right Expert these questions. So often the common answers that I get to these very questions are surface answers. And those same answers get repeated over and over again. Paul did not simply regurgitate  one of the common answers that I’ve heard so many experts give to these questions.

His insight was a breath of fresh air and honed in on the very substance from which wealth springs.

The final wealth concept that I want to share with you answers the ultimate question:  “Why do I keep struggling financially.”

I asked Paul:

“Why is it that you think you didn’t succeed in the 14 (15) different companies you tried?


To be 100% honest, it was me…There is a growth process we have to go through to learn to be successful. We are all seeds. When we get planted in the ground, there is a gestation period from the seed to the plant. And those first few years, I look at that as my gestation period.



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I think this could very well be a contributing reason as to why you may be struggling financially as well. You are in your gestational period. Wealth and financial freedom don’t happen overnight. And it will take some fight.

Have you heard the motivational speeches that tell you that there is only one way you can fail…

That is to QUIT!

Well after getting so much clarity and insight from talking to Paul, I have to say that now…

I must disagree with that statement. 

Paul reminded me of what Napoleon Hill said about failure in Hill’s book, “Think and Grow Rich.” Hill says there are 31 causes for failure not 1. Here is Hill’s list:

  1. Unfavorable hereditary background
  2. Lack of well-defined purpose in life
  3. Lack of ambition to aim above mediocrity
  4. Insufficient education
  5. Lack of self-discipline
  6. Ill health
  7. Unfavorable environmental influences during childhood
  8. Procrastination
  9. Lack of persistence
  10. Negative personality
  11. Lack of controlled sexual urge
  12. Uncontrolled desire for “something for nothing”
  13. Lack of well-defined power of decision
  14. One or more of the six basic fears
  15. Wrong selection of a mate in marriage
  16. Over-caution
  17. Wrong selection of associates in business
  18. Superstition and prejudice
  19. Wrong selection of a vocation
  20. Lack of concentration of effort
  21. The habit of indiscriminate spending
  22. Lack of enthusiasm
  23. Intolerance
  24. Intemperance
  25. Inability to cooperate with others
  26. Possession of power that was not acquired through self-effort
  27. Intentional dishonesty
  28. Egotism and vanity
  29. Guessing instead of thinking
  30. Lack of capital
  31. Your own particular cause of failure that is not listed above

Now as you read through that list, you probably said, “That’s me” more than one time.

Hill does the same thing here as Paul did throughout our interview. Hill takes you a step back to look at the core underlining factor(s) to the concept of failure.

The cause for failure is not simply the act of quitting. Hill points out financial challenges, personality traits, and environmental conditions that you can put your figure on. When you can put your finger on something, quitting is just an excuse not a cause for failure.

When you can put your finger on the problem, you have the power to fix it.

And therein lies the good news.

If you keep pushing forward and climbing over the obstacles that are in your way, you will find your way to wealth at last.

Thanks to Paul Hutchings for being the example and inspiration for us who also chooses to travel this winding, bumpy, beaten path to financial freedom.

paul hutchings

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