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Zina Bryant – Estate Planning Attorney, Former FBI Agent Talks Overcoming Adversity

overcome adversityFlossmoor, Illinois – Today’s PID Lab Expert Interview is with Robinzina (Zina) Bryant. She is an Estate Planning and Probate attorney with her own practice at Law At Last Inc., a former FBI agent and a motivational speaker who inspires people to overcome their obstacles when life deals you the unexpected. I am honored to interview her most of all because she is my best friend since childhood and we have a lot of history together. She gives us insights on the topic, “Cultivating Your Inner Strength to Overcome Adversity.”

I carefully titled this interview with Zina to portray the image of “cultivating,” because we both grew up as farm girls. We both so keenly understand the depth of the meaning “to cultivate.” I asked Zina to explain what “cultivating your inner strength” means to her:


 …First it would be good to define what the word ‘cultivate’ means…to cultivate means to prepare and improve land. It could be by fertilizing it or tilling it to prepare it for growth. So we have to tend to it. You’ve gotta loosen up the earth. You gotta nurture it in a way to encourage something to grow in it. And then if you want something to flourish meaning you want to have a good strong healthy crop, you gotta weed it continuously and get the bad stuff out.

So life is like a garden and we are the gardeners of our soil. We don’t get to choose the garden we are born into – our families, but we do have a lot of influence on what type of gardener we’ll be. So in life, you’ve gotta choose the people and influences and habits  which will nurture and contribute to your maximum growth or your flourishing. You’ve gotta weed out the bad people, the wrong influences and the wrong habits. You’ve gotta stay on top of it too.

You’ve gotta keep evaluating it…once what was good for you to see if it’s still good. And along the journey of growth – the journey of life – you learn what is a good fertilizer and what is a bad fertilizer and sometimes you learn it by trial and error. But once you know the difference, you gotta make intentional choices of what you will allow to be planted in your garden…in your life. ‘Cause what you plant will cultivate the quality of inner strength that you eventually develop.

Listen to this excerpt of the interview with Zina Bryant. 


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I know personally the many challenges that Zina had to endure and overcome which she did.

Zina faced grave adversity in her life and have managed to overcome some serious obstacles.

She has managed to make it through …

  1. An abusive childhood
  2. Getting a BA, MA, and Juris Doctorate by the age of 28 (and I might add loan free)
  3. Tragic loss of her mother resulting in unexpectedly becoming an single parent to her adopted sister – (and I might add while still in school)
  4. Total loss of income in the midst of failing health
  5. Chronic Health Challenges one after the other (name them)
  • Mercer
  • Reconstructive surgery of wrist
  • Lupus
  • Loss of your beautiful singing voice
  • Heart failure
  • Kidney failure
  • And literally DEATH

I asked her how did she do it – “How did you bring your inner strength to bare and face these struggles one after the other?”

Two inspiring attitudes Zina adopted as she faced one struggle after the other and even DEATH. She is a true motivation and encouragement to all of us to consider adopting the same:

  1. I created a “new normal” for myself that would serve the same fulfillment for me as I had experienced when I had vital health.
  2. I learned to respond with bold fearlessness and faith to not accept the opinions of others including professionals like doctors that are not aligned with what I felt in my heart and prayers was right for you.

To learn more listen to this Expert Interview with Zina Bryant – “Cultivating Your Inner Strength to Overcome Adversity” – in the PI Development Lab.


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Both Zina and I agree that adversity is a necessary “evil” in life if you want to call it an evil at all because it can serve a profoundly “good” end result if you embrace it.  When you embrace the adversities in life as your teacher, you have the opportunity to cultivate the traits that develops the inner strength needed to champion them all.

Adversity helps us to see what our character really is like and what more work we have to do on ourselves. Here is a profound quote she shared with me in our interview:

“Suffering is a very good teacher, but we are just often unwilling students in her classroom.”

More about Zina Bryant at

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Join this Off The Klock™ blog discussion and leave a comment below about your thoughts on this post:  Agree or Disagree? Do you agree with Zina Bryant…is adversity and struggle a necessary life-teacher?

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