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Ryan Forrester – Income Protection Specialist Talks About Gold Savings

gold savingsToronto, Canada – The PI Development Lab’s “Expert Interview” is with “Ryan Forrester.” He is a Licensed Insurance Advisor & Income Protection Specialist who has been in the direct marketing and sales industry since 2001 as a mentor, coach, business builder and trainer. Ryan presented insights on the topic – “It’s Best to Save in Gold vs Paper – Here’s Why.”

I opened the interview as I always do asking the Expert – “… share a little bit about yourself and what it is you do.”

Ryan shared about his childhood life of struggles and his “gold” philosophy on life he consequently adopted in this clever quote:

Adversity can either grind you down or polish you up.

Yes it’s an old adage, but Ryan added a clever new twist in expressing it relating it the refinement process in the creation of gold.

I knew I was talking to a man who truly held to the gold standard not just financially speaking.

And I like that.

I was curious as to what led Ryan on this discovery of gold being better than paper money. So I asked him and he went on to share this:

Listen to this excerpt of Ryan Forrester – Expert Interview



Well Louise, to be honest with you, it was hard times that led me. Years ago my wife and I ran into some debt …like a lot of people do. And I had to liquidate some assets, one of which happened to be my children’s education fund. I certainly wasn’t happy about it, but when bills have to paid, they have to be paid. After that experience, I started to take a serious look at where we were financially, review all of my accounts, specifically my savings. And I realized that my savings was growing at an alarmingly slow rate. In Canada, financial data for the past two decades shows that things are actually worse than what we thought.  If you factor inflation into your returns, you’re actually losing money as a saver…

Ryan broke down the math to me that clearly shows that everyone who is saving money in their savings accounts at any bank is actually losing money.

This was lightbulb moment #1 for me.

I told myself at that moment to stop listening to the so-called expert advice that tells me to save my money in a savings account period. I just stepped up another level in my financial aptitude and now know I need to look to experts who give better financial advice than this.

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Another critical shift I made in my thinking about gold vs paper that set off a lightbulb for me was when Ryan made this statement:

Having gold versus not having it gives you leverage…Gold will simply provide you with some security and reduce the shock of a global collapse. And I’m not using gold as a speculative investment. I’m not buying gold low to turn around and sell it high. Sure I have the option to do that if I choose to but that’s not what I’m personally in it for. I’m in it to protect my income,…purchasing power long term. In my opinion, there is no worst case scenario to acquiring and owning gold…

Lightbulb moment #2:

The greater purpose in acquiring gold is not for the purpose of investing but for income protection and preserving your purchasing power for the long term.

I am so use to equating acquiring assets to making an investment that I could later reap a high roi on in the long term that I saw no benefit in buying gold for this purpose because it consistently trades at a high price.

Now I better understand that acquiring gold serves a greater purpose:

To insure that you still have income in the case of a global collapse of paper money and

To pass on the high purchasing power that gold will always retain to your children’s children and for that reason, the best inheritance you can give them

With these major shifts taking place in my thinking about the value that gold has as Ryan shared his insights during our interview, I began to clearly see why it’s best to save in gold vs paper.

To learn more listen to this Expert Interview with Ryan Forrester  –  “It’s Best to Save in Gold vs Paper – Here’s Why” – in the PI Development Lab.


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In our interview, Ryan Forrester identifies these 7 Reasons why rock beats paper and why we should have it:

  • Reason #1 – Rock Has Intrinsic Value & Maintains Its Purchasing Power
  • Reason #2 – In The Beginning Rock Controlled Paper
  • Reason #3 – Rock Cannot Be Destroyed
  • Reason #4 – Rock Is Universally Accepted As A Method Of Payment
  • Reason #5 – Rock Cannot Be Printed, Debased, Counterfeited, Or Reproduced
  • Reason #6 – Rock Protects You Long Term
  • Reason #7 – Rock Is Steadily Increasing In Popularity

After each reason, Ryan elaborated on how paper money has negatively affected our global economy given each of these reasons.

Now here is the bottom line take away that I got from my interview with Ryan Forrester  –  “It’s Best to Save in Gold vs. Paper – Here’s Why.”

Today if I start saving gold now and 10 years, 20 years down the road and even for my grandchildren by the time I or my grandchildren need to exchange it or decide to exchange it for something, I could buy or they could buy more in 20 years with that gold than I would be able to if I had only saved in paper.

Ryan agreed that I hit the nail right on the head.

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As I have already told Ryan during our interview, I appreciate him for the insight he shares with the world on the subject of gold vs paper money. I believe anyone who teaches about wealth creation does the public a disservice if we don’t make the people aware of the lies we’ve been told about paper money and the false security we have in it thanks to those lies. He is one of the few gems in the financial world that I feel confident will give me sound financial vice.


For a 30 minute free consultation with Ryan Forrester, shoot him an email request at or call 1-800-870-8309.

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Join this Off The Klock™ blog discussion and leave a comment below about your thoughts on this post:  Agree or Disagree? Does rock beat paper every time? Is it worth acquiring gold in your financial portfolio as Ryan advises? Comment  below.

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